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Professional photography done by a professional model himself with many years of experience in the art of posing and his spouse as an assistant/make-up artist.


We will assist you in creating beautiful portraits to help you build your very own portfolio and help you move up in the industry.



Photographie effectuée par un modèle professionnel avec plusieurs années d'expérience dans l'art de la pose et de son épouse en tant qu'adjointe/maquilleuse.


Nous avons les compétences nécessaires pour vous créer un portfolio

afin que vous puissiez monter dans l'industrie du mannequinat.


Friday, April 21, 2017

- Class Name: XP School for Actor

- Teacher: Eddie Augustin

- Classtime Sunday 2:00pm or Thursday 7:00pm (to be discussed)

- Curriculum:


Important part of curriculum will be to develop and train in acting techniques with a

special focus on improvisation.

We will practice imagination, script study and breakdown, character development.

We will also provide special attention to the art of auditioning and submitting to roles.

Wath differentiate the class is that we will work together on a strategy to put yourself out

and promote yourself as an actorinternationally.

We will disuss how to promote yourself using social media and create an online presence.

Classe are very focused on not only being an actor but being an actor in the new 2017 environment.


Eddie Augustin

Writer l Director l Producer

MTL (514)243-1412 L.A 323-744-7271



Monday, April 17, 2017

In this course we will be covering the basic principles of Makeup artistry and how to achieve different Makeup looks step by step.

You will learn all about different skin types, facial shapes, skin disorders, skin colors and tones and all about different Makeup products that will teach you how to create different looks to achieve and master techiques such as contouring, high lighting, brow shaping, skinperfecting also learning how to create the perfect day time look than transforming it into a night time look with a smokey eye or bold lips.


We will go over the different uses of Makeup brushes, what each Makeup brush can be used for and how to properly create the look with that brush using different techniques to master each look we learn and to make the process of applying makeup that much easier for you.


These classes will teach you the skills on how to create a more polished look that will bring out not only your best features but will define your inner beauty.


It will also bring out your creativity and artistic skills not only for the everyday Makeup but especially for the bolder looks where you can have more fun with colors and dramatic ideas, everyone is different, no one is the same especially with their Makeup so we make sure to cater to each individual in what would be the best for them.


We want your uniqueness to shine through and to just have fun with it.

We will also have classes on learning different skin care regimens for all different skin types. this will help in creating a flawless Makeup application since our skin is the base to everything.


After all of this we will show you how to properly clean and take care of your brushes and Makeup.

Feel free to bring whatever tools that you would like to class as well.

We will also have other classes on false lash application and more editorial high fashion Makeup looks for anyone who is interested.


Our goal in all of this is to help each person learn how to become more confident in their Makeup application and bringing out each persons individuality and teaching them the necessary skills needed.


Courses of 3 hours 3 days a week

Classes for (3 weeks)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3h-6h


- First week will be on skin care. Learning about facial structures and color tones

- Second week will be learning on how to start the basic makeup application. Foundation application, bronzing, contouring, highlighting, brow shaping

- Third week will be transforming that everyday makeup into a more dramatic look with a smokey eye, bold lips and a more dramatic face application


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